Life reality or fantasy :)

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Life  has many meanings, used in many situations as it is a desert word having no place to be settled or to be settled everywhere(depend upon a person ).

society take it as a time span. philosophers take it as a experience. religious scholars call it as time pass.doctors call it as heartbeat and most of the people call it as a love.

without “love” , life is nothing. “life” is the combo of ┬álove of our relatives, friends ,family, teachers. from survey it has been proved that without love one cannot survive even for a day. person has some one of whom they care alot.

“life” is a time span that is given to a person to do something. every body in this has come for some goal. its now our duty to use our mind and think about the job we have assigned, one must judge oneself interests and grip and do the task accordingly. person having no goal , will gain nothing . no love no lesson their life is like a tissue paper that is lost in the pocket after pinching it from a roller.

what we have to do is to understand the purpose of our creation, “life” is nothing without love and love is gained by doing something not by wasting time in sleep and ea-tables. do something because we are the best judger’s of our self.┬«